Armband Sizing Set

Armband Sizing Set

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Are you new to our armbands? Or adding new skaters that need to order throughout the year? Or simply don't trust your measuring skills? We have a few options for you to make sure you and your skaters are fitted just right!

Sizing sets come with every half inch size between 7" and 17" inches (19cm to 43cm.) (However, we do have all-inclusive sizing so please let us know in the notes if you will need a size outside of this range.) The numbers on the bands correlate to each of the whole or half sizes.

1. Option 1: Order a custom sizing set to match your league's design. Color, logo, font, etc. One design for all sizes.

2. Option 2: Order a generic Apex City sizing set. These will look however we want them to look. Fun. These are brand new, made to order just for you.

3. Option 3: For those with a budget or don't need to have a sizing set on hand at all times. Order from our "recycled" sizing set program to borrow and receive a refund once we get them back. You'll pay a $40 deposit + shipping and get your full deposit refunded as soon as they are back in our possession. Comes with a pre-paid return label. These are a recycled or shared set of armbands that will be used and loved over and over.


Once you've collected everyone's sizing, here are a few things to keep in mind when placing your armband order: 

-Make sure to try on both arms.

-These are exact measurements, so submit any orders that have been sized with a sizing set as "I know my size."

-Not quite a whole or half size? Opt for a quarter size! We can do in between any of the whole/half sizes.

- Don't forget to return your sizing set if you chose to borrow from the recycled program!